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Mainstream journalism operates from a space that heavily defaults to white issues. Feminist Twitter Interview with community member. It feels opinion-based rather than fact based. Meredith D. I feel like Twitter drives the mainstream conversation now more than ever.

Who Is Parks Denton and How Did He Catfish Seemingly All of Gay Twitter?

There was a point a year ago when the conversation on Twitter would be different than the mainstream news, but you have people monitoring their Twitter feeds. When I hear some news breaking, my first inclination is to go to Twitter and look it up.

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People are tweeting about it as its happening. You can go to the TL, see a couple RTs. Next thing you know, you see this full-on conversation happening. That piques your interest. You just have access to a bunch of people talking about it.

Twitter is just another means for journalists to see what matters to people, but it's important to note that a large number of active Twitter users are themselves journalists or people with tons of social media savvy who are trying to get their particular message out. To get a fuller understanding of any story, it's important to go directly into a community rather than relying on Twitter. I think we do a lot better job covering ourselves than other people do. We are not a monolith I am annoyed when a reporter Tweets at me asking for permission to feature one of my Tweets but already does so before I can respond.

I am annoyed if someone writes about something I had a hand in creating but does not credit me. Although people have accounts, they are still private citizens. Sarah J. How Black Twitter and other social media communities interact with mainstream news Download the report See how media covers hashtags.

James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room: an antidote to shame

Where is the beef? So what is… it? And it must be great catharsis, because nemesis Twitter is, it seems, infectious.

Twitter subcultures give voice to issues that mainstream media don’t cover.

You guys. Do you have a nemesis? I have a couple. So did New Yorker food writer Helen Rosner. Rosner and Holmes did not respond to interview requests. Taking a cue from rgay: I have a nemesis. Ok, two.

China's Largest Gay-Dating App is Transforming Society

Is the nemesis tweet, with its more openly playful attitude toward internet feuding, the new subtweet? In its exasperating obscurity, nemesis Twitter does resemble subtweet Twitter. A classic subtweet will be legible to an in-the-know subset of the audience, or can be untangled with a little sleuthing. So is a nemesis tweet just a subtweet?

The vaguebook fits more snugly with the nemesis tweet profile. But nemesis tweets seem to be an evolution beyond both subtweets and vaguebooks.

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  7. Indeed, it smacks more of entertainment than real, human conflict. I asked Kory Stamper, a lexicographer and author of Word by Word: The Secret Life of Dictionaries , why the word nemesis carries such a cinematic punch, and she pointed to its origin as the name of the Greek goddess of retribution. In her mentions, people respond with volleys of guesses: Mindy Kaling? Reese Witherspoon?

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    5. Personally, I am at least 30 percent convinced her primary nemesis is Reese Witherspoon. With little hope of finding the truth, I tried to suss out what I could from Gay. Several of her nemeses are writers, she informed me: Do with that information what you will. If you want to Hogwarts was super diverse, exceptionally gay, extremely homoerotic, and there were a ton of black and jewish kids too, I just didn't write about any of them, but they were there, trust me.


      Ma'am this is a Wendy's. Deadass nobody: JK Rowling: Luna Lovegood was a bisexual voyeur who was pro-choice and a quarter Chinese. Lucius Malfoy was a cuckold. It was never said but it was understood. Back in , Rowling surprised readers by revealing that Dumbledore was gay. The beloved wizard never had a partner in the books or films, and neither did the series ever mention his sexuality. Some fans were angry one man who got a giant Dumbledore tattoo had a pretty annoying day at work after Rowling's revelation , while others felt the statement aimed to mollify critics of the series' lack of diversity after the fact.

      Critics pointed out a similar issue with the casting of South Korean actress Claudia Kim as Nagini in Crimes of Grindelwald , saying that the decision to make the submissive, unlikeable character Asian played into racial stereotypes.